Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HBGB Trainee

So, I went for my interview at Myddleton House for the HBGB trainee role (Historic and Botanic Gardens Bursary Scheme - funded by Heritage Lottery Fund) on Thursday and was offered a place at The Chelsea Physic Garden starting in September - hurray!  I think I aced the interview with my plant ID, especially identifying Japanese knotweed correctly - Fallopia japonica, family Polygonaceae.  Of course I swotted up beforehand  and saw that Mr Bowles was fond of the pernicious weed and so I duly learnt the Latin name and family!

Incidentally, the garden at Myddleton House is absolutely lovely and is going through huge regeneration currently but all in line with how E A Bowles (the original owner) originally had it.  I particularly liked the bed that he named "The Lunatic Asylum" which had all the plants that he thought that were a bit strange; this included the Monkey Puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana - Araucariaceae) which is my favourite plant of all time.  "What is your favourite plant?" is a familiar question in horticultural interviews and the Monkey Puzzle is mine - this is a bit embarrassing to admit to, but what can you do?  As one interviewer recently said on hearing this "We won't hold it against you" but I think he did as I didn't get the job.

I am beyond excited - I can't wait until people ask me what I do for a living and I can tell them I am a gardener; it's a dream come true..............  Watch this space.

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